Thursday, October 11, 2012

Prayer for a Renewed America

VANCOUVER, WA: OCTOBER 11, 2012--KELLOGS AND OTHER AMERICAN FOOD COMPANIES PRODUCE NON-GMO PRODUCTS FOR THE EUROPEAN MARKET. They do this because the Europeans won't eat that stuff. They won't eat that stuff because they don't want their people to be unhealthy. There are any number of studies coming out that prove that GMOs are not being digested and causing huge health problems for Americans. I can't and won't eat them. My gut begins to go crazy when I do, so I don't. When I was posting about the fact that a friend of mine wrote to the BIG FOOD companies asking them if they had GMOs in their foods and urging them to do something, I realized that I am not just upset about the food. I am upset about my country in general these days. What follows is half prayer and half editorial. If you feel the need, send it around, print it and mail it to your local paper. Send it to your Congress and Senate types. Take a stand. The only way that we will get our country back is through the actions of each one of us INDIVIDUALLY. Don't wait for aliens or the military to bail us out. Take the control in your own hands. Send these letters off and stop buying the crap that you don't like. That includes bad television. I've started watching only shows from the 60s and 70s. I cannot stand to see any more cop shows. DEAR CONGRESS/SENATE/BIG CORPORATIONS, THE COUNTRY THAT YOU'VE BUILT ISN'T FIT FOR HUMANS OR ANYBODY ELSE. THERE ARE VALUES HIGHER THAN PROFITS. SINCE YOU CAN'T SEEM TO FIGURE OUT WHAT THAT MEANS, I DECIDED TO SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU...HERE'S WHAT I WANT FOR MYSELF AND MY FAMILY. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ I want good food grown organically by family farmers who care about their neighbors. I don't want anything grown from seeds that have had gene segments stuff into them, carried in by viruses or any other means that aren't digestible and that set DNA fragments loose upon the environment. We have no idea what that will do. I want a country where we look and feel healthy again. I don't want a country subject to daily assaults against our health by chemtrails, radiowaves, frankenfoods and other attempts to control us. I want to be able to go to the airport and get on a plane without worrying who is going to try to stare at my underwear or touch me inappropriately I want to be able to like the police again I want to be able to do business with a banker that makes loans in the best interests of the local community and not for the advantage of banksters a million miles away. I want to watch television about families, picnics, dogs, cats, noodle salads and real life....not endless cop shows, people DNA-testing their entire family to figure out who began them and total strangers having sex 10 minutes after they meet. I want to return to a time when people cared about human life MORE than the bottom line. I want my politicians to be worried about their next election because the machines use verifiable paper ballots and not some easily-screwed with electronic bits. I want the killing to stop everywhere I want the phrase "national security" to have meaning and not be a rationalization for bad behavior I want honesty I want transparency I want a way to chuck the suckers out if they fail to do their damn jobs! I want you big corporations that want to do business here in this country to pay your taxes. I want you to be responsible citizens and make your goods HERE. I want you CEOs to be held accountable for every action of every division of the company. I want you CEOs to stop sending jobs overseas so that you can move the difference into your pockets while screaming shareholder rights. We both know that the shareholders are faring no better than the workers. I want political campaigns to be tightly controlled, funded to a specific degree and real issues to be discussed. Campaign contributions are nothing more than bribes that trickle down through the party apparatus and permit control of everything from the judiciary to the beat cops. You're not fooling anybody but yourselves. I want the schools to use the curriculum that the other countries borrowed from us when we were smart. I want vaccinations banned until we know that the science is sound. Right now, I cannot find decent studies that validate that they produce anything but auto-immune problems. I want big pharma decoupled from the FDA. If you don't know how to do that, then shut the FDA down until you do. I want the ethics laws and the Constitutional prohibition on emoluments ENFORCED. Nobody should benefit from being in public office. This blind trust thing is a crock of manure and you know it. I want all people in political office prohibited from creating corporations in their name so that they don't have to pay appropriate taxes and can't be sued by the very people that they have harmed. I want dual-citizenship outlawed. How can you pay proper attention to this country when you have backdoor ready to go if you really screw up? Either you are in the boat with us or you're not. Again, this is in the Constitution for a reason. I want Supreme Court justices that can be removed BY THE PEOPLE. That would include the ones who have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar and other places that they didn't belong. IF YOU CAN'T DO THESE THINGS, THEN I AM GOING TO STOP BUYING YOUR PRODUCTS. I will do my level best to see that you don't get a penny of my money such as it is these days. A WOMAN ON A MISSION

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why This Blog's Name is So Apt

About 10 years ago, I heard a politician proclaim that all books needed to target "the lowest common odometer." What he had meant to say was that learning needed to be tailored to the least mentally capable among us--the lowest common denominator. In his attempt to sound intelligent by borrowing this phrase from mathematics, this politician made the case for doing exactly the opposite. Clearly, if a policy maker cannot differentiate between a car gauge and a mathematical description, our schools are already teaching to the least capable.

The question that we all need answered is:

Do we want to live in a nation of dummies? Because that is the inevitable result of targeting information to the lowest common intellectual level. Personally, I try to play sports against people better than me so that I can improve. I try to engage in discussion with those more intelligent than I for the same reasons. I read books not to have my deficiencies accommodated, but to remedy them.

From that speech on, I decided to begin fighting the mental mediocrity happily embraced by our politicians. I think that it is clear that my approach was correct. After 2008, when the market fell apart, the mediocre minds pushing policies that could only destroy this country began to field questions. Allan Greenspan had to explain why he took his policy cues from a Russian female novelist instead of economists with decades of proven results. (I am referring to Ayn Rand whose insipid writings inspired tons of mediocre minds to proclaim themselves geniuses)

I have not posted for a while, but I am going to start again.