Friday, August 7, 2009

The LCO and Their JABs at Us

If you want to make it through the Summer and Fall of 2009 without getting seriously ill, pay attention to this blog as well as
For roughly 15 years, there has been a campaign to convince the world that "pandemics" are a normal part of life on this planet and that we were "overdue" This is not totally true. It is true that during times of poor hygiene, high stress and uncertain food supply, diseases can flourish and reach epidemic proportions. There were epidemics of the bubonic plague in Europe for hundreds of years. Epidemics and wars of any size often occur together. However, the notion that the world was "overdue" for a pandemic is a concept brought to you by the same folks that brought you the New World Odor, sorry, Order.

Since the '60s, this clique of small-minded individuals met to discuss how to steal everything on earth and get rid of those who might find such actions objectionable. They have convinced themselves that it is their right to steal everything because we, the honest hardworking people who finance THEIR lifestyle, are too stupid to manage property and resources efficiently. How do I know this? Mostly from books and interviews from this same group of pompous nitwits, but also from what people who know them have said. The late great and very brave Aaron Russo produced the movie, "From Freedom to Fascism" to expose what he had learned about this group from Nicholas Rockefeller. Rockefeller told Russo that he and his cronies were going to (1) infect all of us with diseases that needed regular treatment to make us dependent upon health care (2) reduce the numbers of those outside his elite circle to about 500 million (from about 4-5 billion right now) and (3) put RFID chips into those remaining so that their every movement, purchase and activity could be tracked all over the world.

For many of you, what I wrote above is not news. You had fathers, grandfathers, great uncles and aunts who told you that the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the BIlderbergers and specifically,. the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds along with their bankster friends had destroyed the American republic. Like me, I am sure that you were not clear on what these intrepid souls meant. Like me, I am sure that you now understand that the land of liberty is not free. You know that we are all in a battle to stop what is happening to our country. We are battling to be free from the millions of tiny tax bites that these monsters have stuck us with. We are battling for the rights that guaranteed by the Constitution currently being denied to us by the fictions of Executive Orders, Department of Homeland Security and other illegal agencies.

If we permit those controlling our government secretly to have their way, we will get injections that could kill many and probably touch off a real "pandemic." You need to know the facts about everything. You need to know these things to make good decisions about your future and that of those you love. Between this blog, the birdflu666 blog and others, you should learn what you need to know to stay safe. You will also learn what you need to know to reclaim what is rightfully yours.

Don't let the "Lowest Common Odometer" tell you what to do. They are lower than all of us in the most important quality humanity has--humility. Re-read how this blog got its name and remember that those that would oppress you and me are not nearly as smart as they consider themselves. They tend to be long on pretension and short of delivery. If we keep remembering these truths, we will be able to change our world for the better. One, there are only a few thousand of these oppressive LCOs and BILLIONS of us. Two, the people that they are counting on to "enforce" their dictatorship aren't necessarily going to support it, because they are are like us, too. Three, all we have to do is to say, "No," stick to it and help each other out. Four, LCOs are far more afraid of us than they are of anything else.

The LCOs expected to be able to batter the Iraqi people into submission with their high tech weaponry and guns. Instead, the Iraqis, using rocks, hoes, shovels, sticks and whatever they could find, forced the LCOs to admit defeat. I am just sorry that our young people had to be hurt in a wrongful war. I don't ever want to see that happen again and I know that you don't either. Stopping this crazy vaccination drive is the first step to regaining the People's power.

In point of fact, a small group of rather small-minded individuals who believe themselves more capable than God planned to start an epidemic. It is here now. You need to know the facts to make good decisions about the "swine flu," the vaccine for it and all other vaccinations that you take in the future.