Friday, September 12, 2008

In Praise of the LCO, Italian Documentaries and Russian Truthtelling

September 12, 2008: SAN ANTONIO, TX--Irony is alive and living in Moscow because it either would not be understood or permitted on mass media in the USA. Whether Resident Bush gave another self-serving speech about the disaster that he and his team of 4th Reichers created is immaterial to me. I did not watch "network" news or read the local rags that perspire to the ranks of newspapers. Because they no longer obey the critical laws of this profession, I eschew the writings and video of my professional "peers." Even telling people that I have a MA in mass comm is embarrassing these days. Many American journalists no longer report the who, what, when, where, why and how of the events occurring around us. Americans seeking truth often have to look in places not considered as truthful before. In the case of September 11, the truth showed up in Russia's mainstream media hopefully, to the shame of the journalists described herein.

Most journalists simply regurgitate TOLDA spin not truth. What are TOLDAs you might ask? TOLDAs are the small group of inbred, typically short-sighted, drug-addled and over-privileged politicians, corporate executives, media owners and the coterie of lackeys, syncophants and symbiotic detritus that follow them around that perceive themselves as better than you, me and anyone that they don't recognize. This group often refers to itself as "the elite." Being conversant with dictionaries and thesaurii, calling these people "elite" offends me on a number of levels. In the past, we reserved the title "elite" for those who demonstrated superiority through competition. Michael Phelps would be "elite" because he outswam the world's best swimmers. People who are proud of inbred DNA and incestuous corporate ties that permit them to satisfy their rapacious but myopic greed are not "elite."

So what do we call the people who seek to rule the world? Since many of the self-proclaimed "elite" would be lost without their hired and disparaged help, several friends and I decided that they deserved titles more befitting their skill set rather than their self-perceptions. TOLDA is an acronym for Top of the Line Dumb Ass. In my native South, we describe those without much common sense or practical knowlege as dumb asses. These are the people that you won't let babysit your kids, work on your car, paint your house or use anything that might be dangerous or flammable.

Given that over a brief 12 years, the self-described "elites" have destroyed the economy of the world, tossed around enough DU to pollute Iraq until the earth goes cold and destabilized the entire planet with their idiotic and risky financial instruments that bookies would sniff at, their dearth of practicality and common sense is well-established. Naturally, having the truth thrust so bluntly upon TOLDAs is bound to ruffle some feathers. Next Monday, the entire alphabet-agency crowd may hunt me down, except for those who appreciate the truth. They will probably send me nosegays of secret documents stuffed into long stemmed roses.

The Truth, the WHOLE TRUTH and WHY ALL PEOPLE EVERYWHERE DESERVE NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH IS THE SUBJECT OF TODAY'S LCO. It is the truth that the real people of these disunited States, the real "common odometer" of this country deserve to know. That's right the real common denominator of this country is not the NASCAR stereotype caricatured at the request of media owners and the TOLDAs of this country. America's true common denominator are the people who honor this country with their work, their honesty, their faith in the goodness of humanity and their love for their friends and family. These are the same people who do the work that keeps the country prosperous. They are the people who actually invent, explore and discover. They deserve more for the sweat of their brow than banksters' tricks and politicians' lies.

Let it go forth from, RussiaToday, marioprofaca.cro,,, Alex Jones, uruket, and the other websites that risk everything to set the truth free--from this day forward--we will no longer pretend to believe the lies of those who would enslave us. Neither will we ever kiss the feet of these pretentious and foolish people. We follow the traditions, the intellectual legacy and in the footsteps of leaders like: Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and the many unnamed patriots who praised and gave the truth to us all. They trusted us to be wise enough to make good decisions. They believed that the average person if given "all the facts" could make sound decisions that benefitted everyone. They did not hide personal advantage behind the phrase "national security."

Accept the fact that we have been lied to and exploited in the worst possible way. Yesterday, in Russia, on the anniversary of 9/11, a film debuted that told a story that many in this country have tried to tell. Zero911 was the true story of what happened on September 11, 2001. Even though almost 70 percent of this country knows in their hearts that the NIST report is false. Slowly, the truth has crept into almost everyone's soul and made them feel sick. That people in our own government would sacrifice innocent lives to consolidate their power and take our country completely fascist is abhorrent to all of us...but it is the truth. Go see the trailer at this site:

Does this column represent church bells tolling to herald the progress of a lone rider along the eastern shoreboard of the United States? Is this a declaration of war or an incitement of violence? No. It is actually an echo of Dennis Kucinich's request that a "Truth and Reconciliation" committee be created in this country to put the terrorism by the federal government of this country behind us.

This commentary is my affirmation (which I hope will spread) that I will not accept anything but truth from journalists, policemen, politicians, public servants, friends, relatives and anyone else that wants to "interact" with me. It is also my heartfelt request to those who "feel as I feel" to stop "feeding the leeches" trying to control our world. Stop buying products not made by small American-owned companies and made HERE. Stop buying newspapers from media conglomerates. Stop buying food except from locally-owned companies. Stop patronizing anything but small privately-owned banks, savings and loans; and credit unions. Better still, encourage unions, professional organizations and other membership organizations to form their own credit unions. Join with your neighbors to plants gardens that use natural minerals, seaweed and other critical nutrients to grow not just healthy food, but healthy land.

I am asking Hollywood to launch "Family Aid just as Willy Nelson created "Farm Aid." Family Aid will be a series of benefits to keep Americans in their homes. It will offer help from those who have benefitted greatly from American's fondness for their music and films to those who cannot afford their house payments. In our greatest tradition, Family Aid will be from Americans to Americans. No star who appears on Family Aid will get special treat bags or white dressing rooms or star treatment, instead they will get the heartfelt appreciation of those that they help. They will give back some of the affection that has made them famous to help those less fortunate. Honest local accounting firms, clergy and small bankers can keep track of the money and dispense it. Ticketmaster can donate their services to sell tickets. Studios and 3M can create CDs, DVDs etc. at REAL cost plus a modest profit of 3 percent and donate the proceeds to the Family Aid fund.

Don't let America's homes bought by a federal bureacracy where they will put money into the pockets of the very bankers, politicians and industrialists who caused this huge wave of foreclosures. I want the families that scrimped and saved to stay in their be able to send their children to the same schools and to stay in the communities where they have already put down roots. Let's raise money for them through concerts, benefits, movie premieres and the dissolution of the many "charitable trusts" and foundations that aren't charitable or helpful to the average person. They are hiding places for the super-rich to park their money and avoid taxes. Anyone who wants to volunteer for this endeavor, please send an email to:

If you like the "truthiness" of this LCO, stick around, I am just getting warmed up. LCO will be serving up as much truth as my readers can stand. For the last 6 years, I've been delving into a wide variety of things. Unfortunately for the TOLDAs, I do understand a whole lot about many things and I get it in the "ramification" depth that many of them miss. Toodles folks until my next column and barring any unfortunate incarcerations for the truth, I'll be back. Please check out the links mentioned above. There will be more to come.